Do Waterproof Socks Really Work?

Waterproof socks feature a membrane that is resistant to the penetration of water from the outside, yet allows vapor to pass through from the inside to the outside.

Even the best modern walking shoes or boots (made from Gore-Tex) will be prone to leaking in certain conditions. If step into a deep puddle your feet will definitely get wet. Waterproof socks will help solve this problem and are great idea in wet weather or snowy conditions.

Waterproof Socks

Waterproof sock generally do work, however you need to be careful when buying. You will finding cheaper versions online that don’t live up to the billing. I would stick to a reputable brand such as SealSkinz. They come with a hefty price tag, but they get the job done.

One problem with waterproof sock though is there lack of breathability. Therefore, we recommend wearing waterproof socks only on adventures that require them – such as long hiking, trekking and backpacking in very wet conditions.

Alternatively you could pick a waterproof sock that offers a bit of both. This is done by putting a breathable membrane inside of a sock made from merino wool or synthetic fibers. This water barrier will keep feet and any fabric underneath the barrier dry. The breathability of the barrier allows sweat to escape from the sock.

How To Clean Waterproof Socks

Waterproof Socks are easy to care for and clean. If they are muddy then clean the mud off first, get the bulk of the dirt of the socks.

Always flip socks inside out before tossing them into the laundry. This technique ensures they’ll be thoroughly cleaned, since most odor-causing bacteria builds up inside the sock. Turning the socks inside out will also helps to  keep them lint-free.

Then you can just simply machine wash them in cold water with a gentle liquid detergent and hang dry or tumble dry on low heat. You can also turn them inside out to dry them for longer.


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